We have here for you the newest exciting game for kids of All Ages.  Come and enjoy the one-and-only miniature golf course designed for the game of Croquet . This beautifully laid out 18 hole golf course consists of four par 4's, ten par 3's, and features our four par 2's- where Everyone has a chance for a Hole-in-One; only in one location:  Historic La Farge, WI.  

"Where the Kickapoo River meets Bear Creek."   

"Kick-a-Bear Kro-kay",

Where the Game of Golf meets

the Game of  Croquet!!!

KICK-a-BEAR Kro-kay is the miniature golf course that is an actual, "miniature" "golf course".  It is laid out the same as any typical golf course.  With a total par score of 54, KICK-a-BEAR features 18 holes of exciting fun for family, friends, groups, and even strangers.  The only catch:  it is Not Golf that is played, it Is Croquet!!! (click the Rules tab for details)


So, whether you live in La Farge, are visiting family or friends, or simply passing through, please come and join us for the newest, most exciting game adventure since the ball itself.  Endless fun and laughs await you at this one-and-only course of it's kind designed for children and adults alike. 

KICK-a-BEAR Kro-kay, 

"Where the Game of Golf meets the Game of Croquet!!!"    

Tony Bilek